Why our employees choose us?

Our employees only benefit from our employee incentives. We listen to what is important to every individual, whether that's; paid flights from home to FIFO connecting airport, lifestyle roster, career progression, opportunities with an Owner Miner or exposure to broaden skillset. We understand the importance of each individual's circumstances, no two people are the same.

  • We pay for your flights

    Less tax and more savings for you.

  • 24/7 Access to US

    We are here for you when you need us. Your welfare is our greatest priority.

  • We have many business partners

    Endless opportunities with the one employer

  • Fastest onboarding & mobilisation process

    We've been doing this for years. We'll get you to site in no time.

  • Perform and be rewarded

    We love to recognise our employee's efforts. Awards / Gift vouchers.

  • Remuneration exceeding market

    Our team deserves the best pay because they are the best.

  • Refer a friend in exchange for cash

    Anyone can recommend a specialist to us. Current employees will receive $1,500 & non-employees receive $1,000

  • Communication

    Aftercare and performance reviews are important to us. We're working alongside you always.

  • Choose your roster

    Whether you're chasing long rosters, even time or lifestyle rosters; we offer it all.

  • Mental Health First Aid Course

    We provide all employees with this training. We take your welfare seriously.

We take diversity and inclusion seriously

Varying qualities, skills, knowledge, experiences, perspectives and attitudes within the workplace is paramount to innovate and drive performance.

Mining Pathways are proud to promote that every employee will be invited and valued, treated with the utmost respect and fairness; encouraging a sense of belonging at all times. Non-compliance with this Policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment immediately.

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The fastest way to apply

Let's not waste any time. To allow yourself the greatest chance in joining our team, be mindful of the following things:

Does your resume outline your current and all past employers? List all equipment you are competent servicing as well as indicate what type of work has been conducted on specific makes and models? Give 3 work references?

Fasttrack the process by forwarding the following supporting documents through to our office:

  • Resume

  • Trade Certificate

  • Driver's Licence

  • Other certificates / tickets / licences / qualifications

  • Police clearance (not mandatory)


When seeking a new position, make sure you search under the many job titles your profession may be listed as. For example, often HD Fitter roles are listed as Diesel Mechanic, Heavy Duty Fitter, Heavy Mobile Equipment Fitter, etc. Please see more examples below.

  • Heavy Mobile Equipment Diesel Mechanics

    Heavy Duty Fitter, HD Fitter, Mobile Plant Mechanic, Plant Fitter, Heavy Duty Diesel Fitter, Diesel Mechanic, Diesel Fitter, Mobile Equipment Maintenance Fitter, Heavy Mobile Equipment Repairs Mechanic, Field Service Technician, Field Service Earthmoving Mechanics, Earthmoving Maintenance Fitters, Open Cut Mining Maintenance Fitter,

  • Service Personnel

    Servicemen, Serviceman, Service woman, Service Women, Mobile Equipment Maintenance Trade Assistant, Service Crew, Open Cut Mining Maintenance Trade Assistant

  • Heavy Vehicle Mechanics

    Heavy Road Transport Fitter, Heavy Commercial Vehicle Fitter, Diesel Mechanic, Diesel Fitter, Haulage Fitter, Road Train Fitter,

  • Light Vehicle Mechanics

    Surface Mining LV Fitter, Open Cut Mining Light Vehicle Fitter, LV Mechanic, FIFO Mechanic

  • Mobile Equipment Auto Electricians

    Heavy Vehicle Automotive Electrician, Field Service Mobile Equipment Auto Electrician, Open Cut Mining Maintenance Auto Electrician, Automotive Electrical Technician, Heavy Duty Auto Electrician, Earthmoving Auto Electrician

  • Mobile Equipment High Voltage Electricians

    Electric Drive Truck High Voltage Electrician, HV Electrician Mobile Equipment, Electrician with HV Switching Ticket, Surface Mining HV Electrician

  • Mobile Equipment Maintenance Management

    Planner, Scheduler, Superintendent, Supervisor, Leading Hand, Maintenance Manager, Coordinator

  • Mobile Equipment Maintenance Administrators & Stores Personnel

    MEM Workshop Administrator, Storemen, Storeman, MEM Stores Personnel, Surface Mining Maintenance Office Staff, Open Cut Mobile Maintenance Support