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Over the years I’ve been hiring Diesel Mechanics across mining and civil construction industries, it pains me to see some of the very best get discarded by clients. 

Often qualified mechanics whom received their training and qualification prior to the 90s, whilst working across heavy mobile equipment were handed a generic trade certificate.  Such titles included:

  • Motor Mechanic
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Diesel Fitter
  • Fitter and Turner
  • Engine Specialist
  • Mechanical Engineering

It is highly frustrating, for me, to pass on the bad news that unfortunately the client only accepts the wording ‘Mobile Plant’ or equivalent as the training qualifications have drastically changed over the years.  I just cannot comprehend what every competent diesel mechanic is feeling when they are told sorry you are just not experienced enough, or you don’t have the right trade certificate to fulfil this position.  I’m sorry the system has failed you!

To save continuous stress, increase job opportunities and potentially gain you the best pay packets; I recommend contacting Skills Certified who award RPL for the Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology - AUR31216.

This organisation allows you to continue with work whilst on the side complete a fast-tracked process consisting of providing documentation (resume, trade, licence, etc) accompanied with approximately 50 on-the-job photographs proving your skillset, and last of all work related references. 

It will cost you $2,700 to attain the correct trade certificate however if at any stage the process is unsuccessful, you receive a complete refund.

This advice is given to hopefully allow the many highly skilled diesel mechanics out there who have been short changed when applying for owner miner positions, finally secure the role and entitlement they deserve.

I wish you all the success within your career.


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Has a recruitment consultant in the past ever said these statements?

  • We will find you work / I’ll get you a job no need to apply elsewhere
  • Don’t apply to any other agency as it is detrimental to your employment opportunities
  • The more agencies you register with makes your application worthless
  • We have partnerships with all industry leaders hence leave your trust in us


Then unfortunately, that same consultant did NOT provide the employment opportunities they promised?


From now on, I highly encourage you to forward your resume to your specific industry’s specialist recruitment agencies for the following reasons:

  • Each agency is limited to their business partnerships. For example: Hays may do business with Macmahon and BHP however not Rio Tinto. If you specifically want opportunities with Rio then you would be best applying directly with Rio Tinto or applying to an agency that partners with Rio. That agency may happen to be Programmed.
  • An agency’s performance comes down to the individual recruitment consultant’s performance. This is very important to remember that you may be applying to ‘Australia’s Biggest Recruitment Agency’ however these statuses mean nothing if the consultant you are dealing with, has recently joined the agency.  Often consultants jump from agency to agency for many reasons, as well as some consultants become stagnant within a role becoming disinterested and lazy.  Next time you are speaking with a recruitment consultant, turn the tables and question their background, experience and establish confidence in their ability to source you the right job.
  • Remain up-to-date with market knowledge, pay rates, industry trends, news articles, working conditions, etc.
  • Most agencies will have a system that allows bulk sms of job openings, so if you are not in your ideal role today then you ultimately are passively sourcing yourself that dream job without lifting a finger.
  • Remember to touch base with the recruitment consultant from time to time as the turnover within recruitment is high. You want to make sure key consultants know who you are and what’s important, and if there has been a transition internally, your application hasn’t been forgotten about.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you are within an agency’s database, you have the power to control whether your application remains active or inactive.  So in my opinion, it’s definitely worth finding out who are the experts within your specific industry eg: Mining Mobile Plant Maintenance would be the niche market you want to address.  Or Civil Construction Mobile Plant Operators or Fixed Plant Maintenance Shutdowns, etc. and register by forwarding your resume. 

To ensure the agency has profiled you correctly, follow it up with a phone call and state exactly what you are looking for and what your job priorities are.  A good recruitment consultant should remember exactly what you want and forever be hunting a client who meets your job requirements.


I hope you found this information helpful and it assists you in finding your ideal role.